rack-art Tischmodell

carousel table model

The carousel table model can be used in private areas or in restaurants and wine bars. The capacity is 48 or 72 bottles. It can easily be presented on movable furniture. The optional refrigerator ensures perfect cooling of the bottles.

Ceiling model

The most bottles can be stored with the ceiling model. The installation of the ceiling model is very simple - the carousel is clamped between the floor and the ceiling of the room. The carousel can be assembled without drilling or screwing into the ceiling or floor. The fixed carousel stores up to 480 bottles. Hardly more than 1 m² is required for this.

rack-art Karussellmodell fahrbar

Carousel model mobile

The mobile carousel can store up to 280 bottles in a space-saving and mobile way. The carousel is mounted on a stable plate with castors and can be moved without much effort. Ideal for wine bars. Impressive at presentations.


My rack-art shelves are definitely an eye-catcher in the markets. We can present our regional products so much better. We achieve more turnover on the same space - it doesn't get any better than that.
Walter Schmutterer
Walter Schmutterer
ADEG Schmutterer
The wall model gives us the opportunity to make better use of free wall space, in the wine shop and in the cold store. The best thing about it - we can easily expand at any time.
Familie Sailer
Familie Sailer
Sailer’s Vinothek, Frauenkirchen


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