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In the beginning was ....

...the idea to store wine bottles better, nicer and more efficiently. But how? Suitable wine racks are often not easy to find: they should not only be functional, but also innovative and affordable. We are committed to sustainable and responsible practices and have therefore developed racks that can change over time and adapt to changing needs.

Rack-art™ works to develop products made from 100% recycled plastic products to meet the ideas of the circular economy. With sustainable production, we want to do our part to make the environment a better place. Help us to do this and see for yourself the diversity of our products!

Our products


The best ideas are often the result of coincidence.

A few years ago, an entrepreneur from Linz first had the idea of storing wine bottles more efficiently. An idea developed which was further developed again and again. The inventor met Klaus Weinzierl by chance at a trade fair and found the ideal match in the Bavarian from Strasskirchen. Not only is wine close to his heart, but the vision develops to create something big out of the shelving system. Together with friends from Austria, something new develops step by step:

rack-art™ was born and step by step became a product.

Seal explained

Premium Qualität

Premium Quality

Erfinder Preis 2018

Inventor Award 2018

100% Recycelt

100 % recycled

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